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Hey, another day, another thought?🙊

So, the word ‘improving’ is something you need to be focused on, whether it’s about you improving your way of living, learning new things, and learn that it’s okay to make mistakes, we are only humans, for me, I’ve always been that person who got scared with not being in my comfort zone, I don’t know maybe it’s always been the fact that people will show criticism, so I’ve always been the introvert, not telling people anything except for my home mates obvious, but what I learnt these past few days is that not everyone will like you, and you don’t have to worry about that, the only thing you have to worry about is if you’re achieving something in life!

Out of your comfort zone”

No, not about everything NO! but maybe try a few of the things that you always make excuses about, like we don’t have much time, like that was so childish, no nothing is, and you know it, if it makes you happy, its never foolish so please don’t, life’s too short, make time for something that will truly make you live! Like start that painting, start reading that book! Not because people are saying that to you but you owe yourself that!

Never lose hope”

Last thing, to never lose hope, I know it can be hard sometimes and you may think that every bad thing is happening to you but please never quit! Get back up and start doing what you are passionate about, just anything that will get you going but just don’t quit for YOURSELF!

‘Being An Introvert’

Starting to really hate this word, being an introvert and always have this fear of missing out, is one of the things that I’m good at😅 I mean if someone approaches you only then you can talk to someone and even if sometimes people invite you to events, always making your way out of it,Continue reading “‘Being An Introvert’”


It’s a usual sunday afternoon, lazy and just stuffing ourselves with food, but there’s this feeling, the overthinking to be precise, and not just about one thing, just everything in general, there’s a heaviness in the air and I don’t quite get my hands on it, as to why, you know one of those days!Continue reading “‘Thoughts’”

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